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Popularity… At What Cost?

Ironic! My previous blog post relates to my blogging strategy and how I aim to teach and this one, although still relating to my blogging strategy, sets itself apart from that goal. Remember the experiment I conducted a little more than a year ago? You know, the one where I compare results between my professional… Continue reading Popularity… At What Cost?


Humility… Who Knew!

The very first thing my teachers taught me during my introductory course to translation left me flabbergasted. First, a translator is humble. A far cry from what I expected. If you think about it, a translator needs great skills such as analysis, critical thinking, linguistic mastery, a rich vocabulary, writing and, to top it off,… Continue reading Humility… Who Knew!


Writing or Translating into Your Second Language

Why do you translate only from your second language into your mother tongue? I have a very valid reason to have chosen so, but first, let's start by stating a distinction is to be made between writing in a second language and translating into a second language. Wait a minute! Don't you write when you… Continue reading Writing or Translating into Your Second Language


Underneath it All

Let's put grammar and translation theories aside for once. Today, I wish to share with you my real passion. I love languages and translation, but above all, communication is what motivates me like nothing else. I use the word communication in its broader scope; limiting communication to business correspondence and reports or marketing is to strip communication… Continue reading Underneath it All


Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Translation

There are as many reasons to pursue translation as there are many people pursuing it. However, many translators will agree with the following list. Translation is challenging. Anyone who says otherwise does not really know what skills are required to be a good translator. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes as languages evolve. Translation is… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Translation