Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Translation

TOP 5 REASONS There are as many reasons to pursue translation as there are many people pursuing it. However, many translators will agree with the following list.

  • Translation is challenging. Anyone who says otherwise does not really know what skills are required to be a good translator. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes as languages evolve.
  • Translation is a matter of skills:
    • Language mastery
    • Writing skills
    • Skillful communicator
    • Extensive knowledge (field of translation, writing practices, communication conventions)
  • Translation is a cerebral activity. Translation is about conveying a message and not the words, which means each translation requires interpretation. Translation is not merely looking up words in a bilingual dictionary.
  • Translation is a learning opportunity. You walk away from each translation project with having learned something new, be it a new term or a new concept.
  • Translation is intrinsically rewarding. Make no mistakes! Sometimes translation issues arise, some phrasings are more difficult to translate than others. Can you imagine the pride you feel in solving a translation issue, in reading a segment you brilliantly transposed into the target language? There is great pride in developing our skills.

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