• Meticulousness
  • Confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Prompt service
  • Commitment to client satisfaction

I have training in translation and have been translating since 2009.

Fields of expertise:

  • Economic development
  • General administration
  • Psychology

I have also translated various documents pertaining to the agricultural industry.

About Josée

Modesty is a word most have forgotten. Marketing and pitch sales consist of boasting, of expressing properties and particularities in such a superlative way that they would, in other sets of circumstances, be so commonplace no one would notice them. This practice aims toward making the client believe the object (or the subject) he or she has found is nothing less than the 10th wonder of the world, and reinforcing the need to purchase a product or a service.

If you do not set yourself apart, if you do not meet a need or solve a problem, or if you do not add value to your product or service, you cannot position yourself in the market.

How about being reliable, collaborative, meticulous, and providing translations that are well-written, faithful, and coherent?

I believe clients are more interested in  my skills than they are in my circumstances. If you would like to know how working with me is, check out the legitimate  testimonials and reviews clients have given me. They have more credibility and you can validate most of them if you wish so.