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A New Year – Years and Chapters

They say the end of a chapter means the start of another. Many go through life and "butterfly" their way through it; one project has not yet ended that two others are halfway to completion. Some others believe in investing their all into one project at a time, fully experiencing the journey instead of hopping… Continue reading A New Year – Years and Chapters

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Translating into Your Native Language

This blog post is about a guest post Corinne McKay, a renowned American translator, published on her website. The article, Guest post: The importance of translating into your native language is written by Ann Marie Boulanger, M.A., Certified Translator (FR-EN) and a Quebec-based French to English translator. I am thrilled to see I am not… Continue reading Translating into Your Native Language


International Translation Day 2018

September 30th is International Translation Day, a day celebrated in Quebec through events to be hosted throughout the week. This year's theme Translation and Interpreting: Connecting Worlds Visit this page to learn where and when you can take part in different happy hours events organised to that effect throughout the week. About the theme These two professions… Continue reading International Translation Day 2018

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Popularity… At What Cost?

Ironic! My previous blog post relates to my blogging strategy and how I aim to teach and this one, although still relating to my blogging strategy, sets itself apart from that goal. Remember the experiment I conducted a little more than a year ago? You know, the one where I compare results between my professional… Continue reading Popularity… At What Cost?


Why I Blog About Translation

I have been feeding this blog for five years already. Although a quick glance at the archives will indicate my choice of topics is, at best, erratic, there is definitely a method to my madness. I blog about translation and terminology, about the trade, the tools, and the industry, about the skills required, and any… Continue reading Why I Blog About Translation