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Popularity… At What Cost?

Ironic! My previous blog post relates to my blogging strategy and how I aim to teach and this one, although still relating to my blogging strategy, sets itself apart from that goal. Remember the experiment I conducted a little more than a year ago? You know, the one where I compare results between my professional… Continue reading Popularity… At What Cost?


Why I Blog About Translation

I have been feeding this blog for five years already. Although a quick glance at the archives will indicate my choice of topics is, at best, erratic, there is definitely a method to my madness. I blog about translation and terminology, about the trade, the tools, and the industry, about the skills required, and any… Continue reading Why I Blog About Translation

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Professional Blog vs Personal Blog: A Telling Experiment

I have been blogging for a few years and, admittedly, the blogging world is a jungle. Only the fittest - those with the biggest advertisement budgets - survive. Some blog posts have been more popular than others and yet, attracting an audience - and keeping it - proved more difficult. I will concede translation doesn't… Continue reading Professional Blog vs Personal Blog: A Telling Experiment