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Professional Blog vs Personal Blog: A Telling Experiment

I have been blogging for a few years and, admittedly, the blogging world is a jungle. Only the fittest – those with the biggest advertisement budgets – survive.

Some blog posts have been more popular than others and yet, attracting an audience – and keeping it – proved more difficult.

I will concede translation doesn’t interest everyone. For most, the sheer sight of the words grammar, syntax, terms, and writing skills gives them the shingles.

It takes a different kind of people – I understand.

A translator writing about translations is – more or less – preaching to the converted.

Then how does he get leads? How does he gain in popularity?

  • Word of mouth?
  • Awards and recognition?
  • Testimonials?
  • Originality?
  • New concepts?
  • Popularization of content?

I thought I could experiment with blogging so I picked one no-traffic blog and started posting a short post daily. There are no rhymes or reasons to the posts; the content relates the highlight of my day thus proving to be a light, eclectic content. Let’s see what differentiates both blogs.

professional vs personal - blog, characteristics

At a first glance, it seems the professional blog would turn out more successful; informative and useful content should find and gain readers according to every blog posts of advice on blogging. I publish a monthly blog post since it provides a more elaborate content.

The personal blog is much lighter in content, easier to relate to, and updated daily.

I will let you compare the statistical data from both blogs and let you draw your own conclusions.

6 weeks Blogging Experiment

Interesting, to say the least!

Lessons learned from empirical data:

  • High quality and breathtaking images do not guarantee success, even if you post great content
  • Sharing on social media is not of much use
  • There is no such thing as targeting an audience… All you can do is post and hope someone will use your exact phrasing in a search engine. Even there, I have seen first page results come up that were not even remotely close to the keywords I search for.

How much stock can we take in tips and “how to’s”?


5 Common Characteristics of Successful Blogs

7 Traits of a Successful Blogger

It certainly makes you wonder…

So I need to pivot, but in which direction?

Feel free to leave comments.

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