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A New Year – Years and Chapters

They say the end of a chapter means the start of another.

Many go through life and “butterfly” their way through it; one project has not yet ended that two others are halfway to completion.

Some others believe in investing their all into one project at a time, fully experiencing the journey instead of hopping from project to project without learning much of anything.

Looking back with fondness at the entrepreneurial activity, I strove to experience it fully, I close this chapter with no regrets.

My passion steers me in another direction, another old dream calls my name and I will take the risk. We all have a purpose in life and we usually find it within our dreams and passions.

Thank you for your support and presence, for visiting with assiduity. I cherished every “like” and every comment and I much appreciated every visit, most of them coming from the international scene. Twice I saw a blog post picked up by It has been a great ride; thank-you everyone.

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