Why I Blog About Translation

I have been feeding this blog for five years already. Although a quick glance at the archives will indicate my choice of topics is, at best, erratic, there is definitely a method to my madness. I blog about translation and terminology, about the trade, the tools, and the industry, about the skills required, and any… Continue reading Why I Blog About Translation

Literary transation made in Quebec

Literary Translation

What is literary translation?Literary translation refers to the translation of literature, namely novels and stories, articles, and other works that do not belong to the business or technical writing category. Literary translation is not literal translation (word for word) or loose (unofficial) translation.I did some research to write this blog post and I have to… Continue reading Literary Translation


French, in the Land of the Free

I recently visited a friend in New York State. I traveled the long road, travelling by train this time. I have seen beautiful landmarks and breathtaking views. Unfortunately, I have not been able to capture all the beauty of the land, but I certainly keep a vivid recollection in my mind of all the natural beauty… Continue reading French, in the Land of the Free