Why I Blog About Translation

I have been feeding this blog for five years already. Although a quick glance at the archives will indicate my choice of topics is, at best, erratic, there is definitely a method to my madness. I blog about translation and terminology, about the trade, the tools, and the industry, about the skills required, and any… Continue reading Why I Blog About Translation


Advice for Young Linguists who Want to Be Translators

This is a matter I have spent some time pondering how to address. I have on a few occasions been asked for advice by young wannabe linguists and/or their parents. They wanted to know how best to start learning and practising the skills that they would later need in full-time translation. When you consider the… Continue reading Advice for Young Linguists who Want to Be Translators


A Translator’s Surprising and Unexpected Hobbies

What do translators do in their spare time, you ask? Beside stretching to work the crick out their necks, to relieve the pressure points of the angel's wings between their shoulder blades, and to dull the ache in their lower backs, translators have many other ways to spend the very elusive (almost utopian) spare time he gets… Continue reading A Translator’s Surprising and Unexpected Hobbies


Humility… Who Knew!

The very first thing my teachers taught me during my introductory course to translation left me flabbergasted. First, a translator is humble. A far cry from what I expected. If you think about it, a translator needs great skills such as analysis, critical thinking, linguistic mastery, a rich vocabulary, writing and, to top it off,… Continue reading Humility… Who Knew!