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Like a River

Good management entails data analysis and decision-making. According to the data I have collected during the last five years and the experiment I conducted last Spring, visitors spend the most of their time browsing through the English version of my website. Common sense dictates focusing on what works remains the smartest thing to do. I have… Continue reading Like a River


A Translator’s Surprising and Unexpected Hobbies

What do translators do in their spare time, you ask? Besides stretching to work the crick out their necks, to relieve the pressure points of the angel's wings between their shoulder blades, and to dull the ache in their lower backs, translators have many other ways to spend the very elusive (almost utopian) spare time… Continue reading A Translator’s Surprising and Unexpected Hobbies

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You Know You Are…

[FR] Translators are unique creatures. If you suspect you belong to this very peculiar group of people, you can now cast the doubts out of your mind if you totally agree with all the following statements: You have to pay attention to notice in which language you are reading. You read a sentence in one… Continue reading You Know You Are…