Humour, Translation

You Know You Are…


Translators are unique creatures. If you suspect you belong to this very peculiar group of people, you can now cast the doubts out of your mind if you totally agree with all the following statements:

  1. You have to pay attention to notice in which language you are reading.
  2. You read a sentence in one language and automatically think of it in one of your other languages.
  3. You proofread everything your eyes come across regardless of the language in which it is written.
  4. You listen to a conversation and spot redundancy, loan translations, Anglicism or Gallicisms, just to name these few.
  5. You listen to somebody and start thinking of more accurate words than the ones they used.
  6. You think of writing a word in one language and you end up writing it in one of your other languages as if they were one and the same.
  7. You are the occasional miracle worker; you meet “beyond tight” deadlines.
  8. The language in which you dream is not always your mother tongue.
  9. You need to know the accurate spelling of a new word to remember it; pronunciation is not a reliable character.
  10. Learning new idioms or phrases makes you happy.


8 to 10: You are definitely a translator. If not, you should be because you have all the habits or quirks it takes to be one.

5 to 7: Give it a few more years of experience and review this list. Chances are your score will be higher.

0 to 4: If you are practicing translation, I command your determination.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is meant to be humouristic; no statements are based on studies and score results only have an empirical value.

On this note, I wish Happy Holidays to all. May your Holidays be filled with happiness, joy, and peace.

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