Writing or Translating into Your Second Language

Why do you translate only from your second language into your mother tongue? I have a very valid reason to have chosen so, but first, let's start by stating a distinction is to be made between writing in a second language and translating into a second language. Wait a minute! Don't you write when you… Continue reading Writing or Translating into Your Second Language


Month of Words

Granted, the title seems somewhat awkward, but soon you will understand how appropriate it is. There are two important dates in September: the International Literacy Day (September 8th) and the International Translation Day (September 30th). International Literacy Day Canada is a developed and industrial country where everyone has access to education, where all can pursue… Continue reading Month of Words


Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Translation

There are as many reasons to pursue translation as there are many people pursuing it. However, many translators will agree with the following list. Translation is challenging. Anyone who says otherwise does not really know what skills are required to be a good translator. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes as languages evolve. Translation is… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Pursue Translation


Words, Terminology, and Translation

  How many of you think that the word "terminology" is only a fancier way to say "word"? Or even, how many of you think that terminology and term refer to the same thing? Let's start with bringing some order into this chaos. Terminology, if we decide to decipher the word itself, is the science… Continue reading Words, Terminology, and Translation