Month of Words

Granted, the title seems somewhat awkward, but soon you will understand how appropriate it is. There are two important dates in September: the International Literacy Day (September 8th) and the International Translation Day (September 30th).

International Literacy Day

Canada is a developed and industrial country where everyone has access to education, where all can pursue a higher education. However, the illiteracy rate in Canada is alarming. Illiteracy is not restricted to having difficulty writing or reading simple texts; illiteracy is also having difficulty with text comprehension. For more information on literacy in Canada, visit this “HillNotes“.

Illiteracy is a worldwide issue, hence why UNESCO seeks to understand the scope of the issue and take action to fight it.

International Translation Day

This year, the theme of the celebration is “The changing face of translation and interpretation“. Indeed, these two professions experienced tremendous change in the last three decades. The Internet has revolutionized translation and interpretation tools and had a great impact on translation business practices.

As part of the International Translation Day, the Order des traducers, terminologies et interprets agrees du Québec (OTTIAQ) is organizing activities in various Quebec regions. Take a look at the list and register now. The deadline is September 24th. Hurry!

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