Q: Why don’t you do French to English translation? You obviously know both languages.

A: Any self-respecting translator only translates from a second or third language to his or her mother tongue. A mother tongue is more deeply mastered than a second or third language, hence the translator’s her ability to guarantee quality work.



Q: What are the steps taken to ensure quality work? 

A: Read my blog on the translation process, which is also my quality assurance process, to learn how I do my work. Translators are meticulous workers; methodical doubt, checking, and double checking are common practices.

Q: Are your recommendations from clients real?

A: Yes, they are. They either come from my Facebook page or my LinkedIn account and have been posted by actual clients. Click on the social media icons to visit these pages. I have the authors’ permission to publish these recommendations.

Q: How should I choose a translation service provider? 

A: Check their credentials. If they fit your requirements, inquire about their reputation and services.



Q: Do you charge a flat rate for small translation work? 

A: No, I do not. All translation, revision, proofing, or writing mandates, whether they be big or small, are billed according to the time spent working on it.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes, I do. Look for promotions on my Facebook page and Twitter account. Click on the social media icons to visit these pages.